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Bashir Wardini Proves You Can Multi-Passion With Politics and Prosciutto

Bashir's focus on multiple industries is lead by pure passion. He is an owner of Butcher's BBQ Joint, Floyd The Dog and Tenno, as well as a leader for young democrats internationally. He is beating the seemingly folkloric advice that the only sure way to succeed is by sticking to one domain. Bashir's vision is both unwavering and changing with the times, getting both culinary entrepreneur and politician treatment.

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Jad: Full-time Snapchat Employee to Full-time Cryptocurrency Investor

Blockchain has yet to be added to autocorrect, but it was added to Jad Hage's life in May 2017 which makes him an early adopter of the often doubted, but growing world of digital currency. He jokes that instead of investing as a first adopter in 2011, he was at UCLA drinking Smirnoff, but Jad insists that it is too early to say who is considered an early adopter or where cryptocurrency is truly headed. Although Bitcoin was created in 2009 and has been growing rather steadily, the concept is so new that it still has many skeptics. 

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Rand on Empowering Herself Through Dance and the Power of Daily Choices

Rand El Zein wholeheartedly throws herself into anything and everything she is interested in, especially on a day to day basis; from going to a new off beat dance club to diving into research on a topic that sparked her interest. It is no wonder that she lives her life in accordance with Jean- Paul Sartre's mentality of building a passionate life from the wood and nails of daily choices.

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