Ian Larson Insists on Cultivating his Passion of Telling Meaningful Stories

Ian's interest in Also, Freedom is a flattering, and unmatched by our interest in him. As A,F aims to inspire, he is an organic inspiration to us. Ian lives life on his own terms and his concise introduction is more than just small-talk. 
Please introduce yourself, including what you do and what you are passionate about. Hi, my name is Ian, and I work with words.
In which situation/ series of events/ moment did you realize your passion? Here's the funny thing about finding one's passion: We're told to go out and look for it, like it's just waiting out there for us to come by and scoop it up and never work another day in our lives because we're doing what we love. But that's dishonest. You cultivate a passion through pain and suffering and disappointment, and for me that came as I found new ways to tell big, true, meaningful stories.
To A,F, postponing your freedom usually means holding off on what you’d prefer to do in order to please others, or follow a “norm”. When/ how did you decide not to postpone your freedom? I decided one day I didn't need anybody's permission to be happy. When that happened I'm not sure, but you can't un-ring that bell.
What is a setting/ activity/ routine that makes you the most happy? Anything at all. The morning coffee ritual is the closest to god we'll ever be.
What is your motto to yourself? / What motivates you? We owe it to our future selves to be good in the here and now. We might not be the people we wish we were, but you can't grow into your idealized self if you never start laying the foundation.
What simple advice would you give to people hesitant to pursue their interests? If you don't look after your own interests, how do you expect anyone else to do it for you?
Which is your favorite AF tee? "Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!"
What is your favorite quote? For now I'm really taken with this nugget from Thoreau: "Renew thyself completely each day: do it again, and again, and forever again."

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