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About Us


in 2017 by Dahlia Hage, Also, Freedom is a Los Angeles-based elevated apparel brand that focuses on embroidered quotes and text on t-shirts that aim to motivate people to pursue their freedom in their careers, and lives overall.




Also, Freedom was inspired by Dahlia's first and last corporate job in Dubai. This experience propelled the existing drive she had to exist with intention and not follow social norms blindly. The name of the brand itself suggests that the concept of freedom is an after-thought to many.


A,F brings people closer to higher quality lives with thoughtful text and materials like pure Pima Cotton. The choice of text is specifically meant to inspire the reader and in turn invite them to re-examine their happiness, and motivate themselves. Taking the unprecedented route is not always popular or encouraged, and A,F supports those who are brave enough to take it.


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