Living A,F: Featuring Those Who Don't Postpone Their Freedom

It takes a graceful type of resistance, and a 'no thank you' to society, to go against what people in your life genuinely advise you to do.
Also, Freedom addresses the overwhelming contradiction between classic, well-intentioned support for dreams, and the taboo of actioning those dreams. We are changing the demeanor of the word freedom.
Those who urge careers and life paths based on the norm may have the best of intentions, they may be the most experienced people in their fields, watching out for your best interests. The wealthiest! The smartest! The most practical! None of that matters to the individual who has a fear of missing out on their own life. A fear of postponing their own freedom. 
It is important to me to support people who dare to think differently and share their stories of courage and creativity.
To me, the idea of postponing your freedom applies to any and every part of life. From postponing your ideal job, to not actioning what you believe in socially, politically, or in your personal life. Way before we launched, I knew it was important to highlight those who don't always get the support they deserve. Some people who are trying to make their freedom happen now are not only discouraged from it, but are weighed down by criticism and encouraged to take more conventional routes. This pressure turns 'no thank you' into 'ok fine.'  
Ego, hate, and envy are worth nothing here. 
Hard work, creativity, and visions are worth everything here. 
The Living A,F Features encourage the message of our brand and spotlight people who aren't postponing their freedom. A,F aims to support the ones who go against conventional routes with a full heart and a bold 'no thank you', as well as the ones who are scared to. 
Living A,F will now be updated with photos of our features who have styled their A,F t-shirts their way, paired with brief interviews for a window into their lives. I want to feature those who motivate others and bring our motivational text on tees alive.
Everyone featured on Living A,F gains our website as a platform on which to express themselves via articles or visuals in order to encourage their growth and amplify their voice.
Our embroidered quotes on tees are only part of our story, the people who wear them complete our story. Please drop us a message to spotlight someone you know and admire, who is trying not to postponing their freedom.
Lots of love, 

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