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The Original Olive Salt

The Original Olive Salt

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1.2 oz

Pitted Olives & Arctic Sea Salt

Ceremonial-grade finishing salt made with 100% natural specialty ingredients.


Uses: lebne platters, butter sculptures, pizza topping, whipped ricotta platters, martini rim, avocado toast garnish, oyster mignonette, burrata platter, salad topping, mezcal margarita rim, bread dip, charred eggplant garnish, ceviche garnish, cultured butter garnish, in-shell scallop garnish, soft boiled eggs, grilled artichoke, soup garnish, tinned tuna seasoning, dips, grilled vegetables, cheese platters, dressings, vegetable dishes, cocktail rim, seafood + meat + vegetable seasoning, sandwich topping, and more. To use as a dip- sprinkle into a dish and add olive oil.

Unlike culinary grade, ceremonial grade isn't used as an added ingredient in baking or cooking, but rather a finishing ingredient. 

INGREDIENTS: Pitted Olives, Sea Salt.

Naturally Vegan, Gluten Free, Grain Free.

*Made in a facility that also processes nuts. 

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